Ryan Fenchel & Brendan Meara–Around, Inside, and Round Again

New work by Ryan Fenchel & Brendan Meara

Roots & Culture
2/15/08 - 3/15/08

Brendan Meara "Untitled" cut-out drawing, colored pencil, watercolor, UV gloss enamel, paper 43" X 70" 2008

Ryan Fenchel "I-mon, U-mons, Dorea-mon, Ger-mon" pencil drawing and video 31" X 23" 2008

Ryan Fenchel "Woodamid: the other, other Ashler" wood, light, Eliminator, tube, metal 2008

Brendan Meara "Untitled (Window)" modular sunshine- fluorescent 'Gro-Lux' lights, fixtures 70" X 45" 2008