Ben Seamons–Fresh Cuts

Paintings by Ben Seamons in the Noble St. Gallery

Roots & Culture
9/19/08 - 10/18/08

This mini exhibition of paintings by Ben Seamons marks his first show at Roots & Culture. Three new panels and a sculpture mark a new point of inquiry in Seamons' work, presenting a challenge of breaking loose from the confines of the rectangular framing device, which calls to mind the paintings of Howard Hodgkins. Their hard edged definition, faux finished surfaces, and flirtation with a sculptural concern also align them with the work of Richard Artschwager. Seamons has always related his love of music with his practice and the lyrical qualities of these abstractions demonstrate a focused improvisation of color and form.

"St. Stephen" oil on panel 2008

"Cryptical Envelopment" oil on panel 2008

"Estimated Prophet" oil on panel 2008

"Bird Song" oil on panels 2008