Rob Doran & Ryan Fenchel–Ghosting

Work by Rob Doran and Ryan Fenchel

Roots & Culture
11/6/09 - 12/6/0

Rob Doran's new body of work, including painting and sculpture, approaches the contemporary through ancient form, achieving image which connects ancestry and collective conscious to the current moment. Through "pop theosophy", visual hypnosis, and a modern language of code and landscape, this work reveals universal knowledge.

Rob Doran is a Chicago-based artist and musician currently living and working in Los Angeles. He was featured in a solo exhibition at Bucketrider Gallery as well as in group shows including "Paper Trail" at D1 Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark and select exhibitions in Los Angeles, CA, Portland, OR, New York, NY, Baltimore, MD, and Chicago.

New works by Ryan Fenchel will include drawing, painting, and furniture; as well as a tableau of abstract objects. Fenchel's body of work focuses on the assimilation of creative will, esoteric geometry inspired by nature worship, and reincarnation as metaphor. The mosaic of these ideas produces an uncanny and shifting experience-- dormant dualities ascend as the alchemist chases the quintessence.

Rob Doran "Gentleman" ink, enamel, acrylic, carborundum grit on paper. 22

Rob Doran "Monuments" ink, enamel, acrylic, carborundum, and pencil on paper 2009

Rob Doran "Nature" cast concrete, teak, monofilament 2009

Rob Doran "Signpost" cast concrete, walnut, abalone, and formica 2009

Rob Doran "Lists" acrylic, gouache, pencil, carborundum, serigraph on paper 2009

Ryan Fenchel 2009

Ryan Fenchel "Untitled (surface" wood, salt 2009

Ryan Fenchel 2009

Ryan Fenchel 2009

Ryan Fenchel 2009