Brian McNearney & Edra Soto–Forever Vegetal

Work by Brian McNearney and Edra Soto

Roots & Culture
12/11/09 – 1/16/10

New sculptures and paintings by Brian McNearney begin to try to empathize with and understand the plant's sense of humor, while simultaneously feeling seriously sorry for them, ultimately left terrified at their prevalence.
New sculptures and paintings by Edra Soto explore how different forms represent ideas of Heaven and Hell. Speculations of what awaits us after passing, rebirth, transformation, world peace, communions, hope, love, and ideas of mental and spiritual darkness are all referenced through a lens of a Roman Catholic upbringing.

Brian McNearney "Bog" oil on canvas 36" X 24" 2007

Brian McNearney "Glob" oil on vinyl 59" X 78" 2009

"Nature Boy's Enclosure" oil on mannequin, wood dowels, dressing screen with digital prints, ceramic tile, fake plants, soil 2009

Brian McNearney "Plant Chute" painted flower pots, chain, painted MDF, fake plants 2009

Brian McNearney "Plant Chute" detail 2009

Edra Soto "The Jesus of Dogs" gouache on paper 22" X 18" 2009

Edra Soto "Time of Death II" gouache on paper 2009

Edra Soto "Time of Death I" gouache on paper 2009

Edra Soto "Forever" plush dolls, light box, soil 2009

Edra Soto "Light Within the Dark" modelling paste, gouache, idol, lights 2009

Edra Soto "Light Within the Dark" detail 2009

Edra Soto "This is the Darkest Hour" plaster, paint, artificial flowers, sound 2009

Edra Soto "Communion" plaster, modeling paste, ceramic figures, gouache paint 2009

Edra Soto "In Memory of Who I Was" dry roses and moss, dirt, frame, digital print, wood stand 2009