Mr. Softy

Soft sculpture and textile work by Mike Andrews, Loo Bain, Josh Faught, Julie Potratz, Kathryn Scanlan, and Carrie Vinarsky

Roots & Culture
3/16/07 - 4/14/07

"Mr. Softy" is a group show of soft sculpture and textile work, both
mobile and stabile including Mike Andrews, Loo Bain, Josh Faught, Loo Bain and Kathryn Scanlan, and Carrie Vinarsky. The show will include a performance by Kansas City- based artist Jule Potratz.

Carrie Vinarsky "Home" 2007

Kathryn Scanlan

Mike Andrews

Loo Bain "Colossus" 2007

Carrie Vinarsky "Home" 2007

Josh Faught

Julie Potratz